Email Domain Restriction

Email Domain Restriction is a feature set available for enterprise users providing more control over outgoing data from Zenduty. Email domain restriction allows you restrict users to only use domains from a specific allow list.

Once you’ve enabled email domain restriction, restrictions will get applied on newer updates, i.e. the existing users outside the domain restrictions will function as it is.

How to enable Email Domain Restriction

Only the Account Owner, Account Admins can enable/modify email domain restriction.

1) Click on your profile bubble on the top-right corner and then on ‘Account’.

2) Navigate to the ‘Advanced Settings’ section, and click on the ‘Add Restricted Domain’ button.

3) Enter domain to be allowed and select where to apply given domain restriction. Options are explained below.

4) Turn on the ‘is enabled’ slider and click on ‘Create’ to add the domain in the allowed list of domains.

Note: If your organisation uses subdomains within your email domain i.e.,, we recommend adding each subdomain to the allowlist.

List of options where domain restriction can be applied

Stakeholder CommsRestricts user to add stakeholder outside of the domains
Outgoing CommsRestricts user to add email address outside of the allowed domains at outgoing email integration
User ProfileRestricts user to change user profile email address or add email contact method outside of allowed domains
User InviteRestricts user to invite other users outside of allowed domains

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