Phone/SMS Alert Whitelisting

The following phone numbers are used to send out phone call alerts:

+1 415 200 2451

+44 7400 213056(for UK, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Portugal).

You can add these phone numbers to Do-Not-Disturb exceptions so that Zenduty phone alerts aren’t supressed whenever you have DND activated on your phone.

Alternatively, you can scan the following QR code to get the numbers in a vCard contact format, to easily add them to your whitelist. (Or download the vCard directly here)

IP Whitelisting

If your system blocks content from non-permitted network addresses, please ensure you whitelist the following IPs to access Zenduty:

Primary IPs:,,,,

Secondary IPs: , , , ,

Please note, that you would also need to whitelist ’*’ since we do not serve through the IPs.

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