To view members of a Team, simply click the “Manage” button corresponding to the Team. On the secondary header, select the tab “Members”

A list of all the members in a team will be visible to you.

Adding New Members to a Team

  1. Click on the “Add Member” button.
  2. Fill in the name/email of the member. Pick from the suggested users in the dropdown. If you wish to invite new users to this team, fill in the form titled “Invite additional users to the team”.
  3. Click on “Update” to confirm.

Updating the Role of a Team Member

If you wish to update the role of a member in a team from user to manager or vice-versa, simply click the dropdown button with their role correspondong to their name and email and select the new role. Only Admins and Managers can do this.

Deleting a Member from a Team

To delete a member from a team, simply click the “Remove” button corresponding to the member and confirm.

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