Services and Integrations

Services on Zenduty represent a part of your operations that is owned, built or maintained by a team. A Service can be a microservice, a cluster, a region, a customer, an application, your CRM, a database or anything that forms a distinct entity within your operations.

Each service within Zenduty comprises of Integrations. There are two kinds of Integrations:

  1. Alert Integrations or simply ‘Integrations: These are the tools that monitor your service and form the source of alerts and incidents within Zenduty. For example, New Relic, a popular performance monitoring system can be added as an alert integration. Whenever New Relic detects that a metric has crosses a threshold value, it sends that alert to Zenduty which will in turn create an incident and notify the on-call responders according to the escalation policies for the service. Similarly, Zendesk or ServiceNow, two of the most widely used CRM/ITSM platforms can also be added as an alert integration and will create an incident on Zenduty Whenever new critical customer or support ticket is created on those platforms.

  2. Outgoing Integration - These are third party applications where Zenduty performs an action whenever an incident is created or updated on Zenduty. For example, the Jira two-way outgoing integration creates a Jira ticket for every incident on Zenduty. The Slack outgoing integration sends real time incident data to a Slack channel of your choice.

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