Only 'Account Owners' and Account Admins can edit a team on Zenduty.

To edit services associated with a Team, simply click on the Team. From the secondary sidebar, select the tab ‘Services’.

A list of all the services in a team will be visible to you.

Adding a New Service to a Team

  1. Click on ‘Add New Service’.
  2. Fill in the corresponding form as per the following guide:

    Name: Give your service a name.

    Description: Add a short description for your service.

    Integrations: Select the integrations associated with this service.

    Escalation Policy: Select the Escalation Policy assosiciated with this service.

    Task Template: Select the task templates to associate with this service.

    SLA Policy: Select the SLA policy applicable for this service.

    Default Incident Priority: Choose the default incident priority to be chosen for alerts within this service.

    Enable incident alert collation: Incident alert collation will combine alerts under an incident for the given timeframe to reduce. notifications, choose whether you’d like to enable it.

    Collation time: Choose the timeframe under which incidents should be collated.

  3. Click on ‘Save’ to confirm.

Click on the service anytime to add integrations, edit configurations or to view the incidents and analytics associated with the service.


To add a new integration, click on the ‘Add Integration’ button inside a service. Fill in the form with the Name, Summary and Application for the integration and save.

To configure an integration, follow the configuration instructions of the corresponding application by clicking on the integration, or at their documentation page here.

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