Rate Limits on Zenduty

Zenduty is committed to providing reliable incident alerts. To protect our systems from being overwhelmed due to excessive alerts and to provide better throughput, Zenduty applies rate limits at the account level to all integration alerts and API requests.

If a request exceeds the rate limit, the request is either rejected with the HTTP status 429 - Too Many Requests or a HTTP status 404 or HTTP sttus 401 in case an integration does not exist or is disabled. Your client or integration should be setup in such a way that the client retries after some time(1 minute) once it encounters a 4xx code.

If, even after sustained 429 or 4xx responses from Zenduty, an integration or client continues to send alerts to the Zenduty servers, Zenduty may temporarily disable the integration until the rate limit is adhered to. Zenduty’s security systems may also temporarily block the IP address of those alert sources in case of extremely high number of requests.

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