Incident Postmortems allows for a team to evaluate what had happened in the incident(s) that had just occurred and learn from past downtime, outages and other similar incidents.

Postmortems in Zenduty allow for robust creation of PDF reports that can be formed surrounding information of the incident(or group of incidents) in markdown format.

Creating a Postmortem

To create a Postmortem, in the ‘Postmortems’ tab from the secondary side-bar under any team, click on the ‘Create new Postmortem’ button.
Here, select the author of the postmortem and enter a suitable title. Select the incident(s) that come under the postmortem using the Incident picker. Proceed by mentioning the status of the postmortem and the actual brunt of the postmortem, the Postmortem data.

A Postmortem template allows for standardized Postmortems to be created from Zenduty. These templates are written in markdown and can be imported while creating a Postmortem. You can use the default templates previously designed by other organisations or create a new template by clicking on the ‘Show templates’ button and then on ‘Create a custom template’.

Note: This overwrites the postmortem data that was already typed in, so be careful to save your progress!

Save the postmortem and create the report for the said postmortem by clicking on the ‘Finalize Postmortem’ button or heading back to the list of postmortems and clicking on the ‘Generate Report’ button for a postmortem whose report has not been generated.

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