Most services are disrupted due to a chain reaction of various tests failing. Zenduty allows you to add “Context” integrations- those that will send information, but not create any incidents in your team. These can be integrations of other teams, monitoring tools or any other tools that will give your team information about your service.

Adding a Context Integration

  1. Go to the team you want to add the context to, and click “view”.

  1. Go to the Service you want to add your context to, and click “manage”

  1. Under the “Integrations” tab, click on “Add new context integration”

  1. Select the integration from the dropdown list and Save.

  1. Make sure that the Zenduty webhooks are configured in the context integration. You can find steps to do so for any integration here.

Deleting a Context Integration

Simply click the “delete” butto next to the context integration and confirm.

Getting Context for an Incident

  1. Click the incident “Number” of the incident to get more details.

  2. Click on the “context” header

  3. The context for the incident will now appear. You can use the date-time setter to look for context alerts from a specific period.

Getting Context for a Service

  1. Go to the Service you want to view context for, and click “manage”

  1. Click on the “Context” tab to find context notifications for relevant incidents.

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